4G Services Now Allowed in 2G and 3G Spectrums

In a bid to increase 4G connectivity in the UK, Ofcom, UK’s telecoms regulator, has allowed mobile operators to use their 2G and 3G spectrum for 4G technologies, should they wish to do so, without having to go through a formal application process. A request by Vodafone and Hutchison 3G to remove regulatory constraint on the use of LTE technology, kick-started the process of liberalising UK frequencies back in Feb 2013.

Commercially 4G services in the UK launched on 30 Oct 2012, when Ofcom allowed EE to use its 1800MHz assets for LTE technology. Now, by following directives given by the EU, the regulator has called for the liberalisation across the mobile spectrum.

All major telecom operators have already started providing 3G services through their existing infrastructure which was originally licensed for 2G services in the country. 3G licences in the 2.1GHz frequency band can now also be used for 4G networks according to Ofcom’s recommendations. In a statement, the regulator said that, in both cases, “The benefits to consumers of permitting 4G deployment were likely to outweigh any potential detriment that might, in principle, arise from distortions to competition”.

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