Amazon’s Kindle Fire conquers the Android market

xlarge kindle fire

The use of tablet devices has been growing quickly over the past two years, with demand almost doubling in the last three months of 2011. Although Apple still dominates the tablet market, with record breaking sales figures, Android OS tablets are quickly catching up with the California based tech giant- increasing their market share within the industry from 29% to 39% over the past year.

This significant increase in market share was largely fuelled by the entry of Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Although Kindle Fire is a new player in the tablet sector it has already captured a large part of the market previously dominated by the Samsung Galaxy tab. Since its introduction Kindle Fire has seized 35.7% of Android application sessions, pushing the Galaxy Tab to second place with 35.6%. This surge was mainly driven by the holiday boom in devices, which resulted in the strong adoption of Kindle Fire, combined with a significant amount of downloads from Amazon’s App Store.

Remarkably the Kindle Fire overtook the competition in just a few short months, driving more paid application downloads than any other device in its sector. If Samsung’s tablet helped Android devices capture a piece of the market, Kindle Fire will take Android devices even further. Overall Android Tablets are growing aggressively and can become a force to reckon with in the near future.