An app for smartphone solutions for the disabled

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Samsung Electronics has come up with a new application called DOWELL which allows those users to control their smartphones with existing assistive computer devices.

The app is designed to assist people, who can not use their hands well, and is targeted at users with muscular dystrophy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), stroke and other ailments that restrict movement. The app’s interface works with a number of different input methods, including a trackball mouse, head-tracking camera and mouth stick. Mouth stick is a tool which helps manipulate the cursor with your mouth.

The motions that people with upper limb problems may have trouble doing, like tap-clicking, swiping, and pinching to control the smartphone will be solved by this app.The first step is to install the DOWELL app on the smartphone to be used, and then to connect the smartphone to whichever USB-type assistive device they use. The upper screen of the interface now has various commands like tap or drag, and the user will just need to choose which one he/she is comfortable with. The lower screen has the menu, home screen, back function, as well as the other hardware keys. The DOWELL app will work on all Samsung Galaxy S3’s to the most recent Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

With so many innovations happening with mobile health solutions, apps like ‘dowell’ makes mobile utility possible for everyone. The team at Pocket App has over 10 years of experience developing apps for health industry.