App Store Vs Google Play

apple vs google play

Below is a visual comparison of the two most dominant mobile marketplaces. It delivers a more interesting evaluation of App Store Vs Google Play and doesn’t focus on the predictable metrics like many other comparisons have.

Google play has a noticeably larger market share at 74.4% however, generates much less revenue for developers at $1.1 million per day. In contrast, Apple App Store’s market share is 18.2% and has daily revenue of $5.1 million.

Both are very popular for games and entertainment although Apple is leading with 26%. Android’s open and customisable platform allows for users to alter the look and feel of the app, causing a sizeable category of personalisation apps. Google play has a superior search function so makes it easier to find apps even with a misspelt keyword.

For more insight check out the infographic designed by Kinvey: