Apples newest addition to its product line

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Apple’s biggest new product since the iPad, and its first all-new new product line since that tablet debuted in 2010, will be trying to carve out a space for wearable tech on the wrist. The wearable landscape is already crowded with competition most of which has met with only tepid success.

Apple has finally revealed all regarding the Apple Watch, the wrist-based wearable it first introduced last September.The Apple Watch is a new product category for Apple: it’s a smartwatch. It is a completely new platform: it’s made to run its own apps, connect with iPhones, and be its own fashion product.

The Apple Watch is not a stand-alone product. It relies on an iPhone to fully operate, partly because the brains of watch apps will live on the iPhone. So users will have to install watch apps on the iPhone as well.Apple will offer three models, each with a casing made of a different material: Watch Sport, a version with an aluminum case The Apple Watch Sport is $349 for the 38MM and $399 for the 42MM model.; Watch, which has a stainless steel case The Apple Watch is $549- $1049 depending on band for the 38MM and The Apple Watch steel 42MM runs $599-$1099; and Watch Edition, which has a case made of 18-karat gold which will cost over $10,000.Each model comes in two case sizes — 1.5 inches and 1.65 inches. And for each watch, customers will be able to choose from a variety of interchangeable bands in different colors and materials.

Some basic features  include alarms, weather, sunset/sunrise, chronograph, upcoming appointments, interactive animations and more. Apple Watch will also offer native calendar, maps and reminder integration, giving you glances for upcoming meetings, as well as the ability to accept meeting invites on your wrist. The big button beneath the digital crown allows for quick access to favorite contacts, which can be used to message or call directly from the watch.Some of the unique features of the Apple Watch include its taptic engine for providing physical cues and messages, as well as notifications; heart rate monitor and motion sensors for activity tracking; Built-in Bluetooth support for connecting to accessories; and the digital crown, which allows for control without sacrificing screen real estate.

The Apple watch is giving third party developers a new set of opportunities. Here at Pocket App we look forward to telling you more about this platform in the future.