Battle of the live streaming apps

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Live streaming is now back in vogue with the growing popularity of live video apps Meerkat (free) and today’s release of Twitter’s Periscope (free). Both apps lets live video streams or broadcast of the stream right from the iPhone, and it could be an evolutionary change in the way all types of content is viewed.

Both apps provide an extremely simple way of going live from the mobile phone with just a couple of taps. Meerkat has a bright yellow app icon featuring its suricate mascot. The app links to Twitter and pulls the followers based on the Twitter account. Meerkat automatically sends out a tweet from the Twitter account that says “|LIVE NOW|,” with a link to the Meerkat live stream that can be accessed in app or in a browser on the computer. In case of Periscope the app’s on-boarding process is very similar to Meerkat’s, which leverages Twitter to get users started. In total the app has three tabs: one where one can watch broadcasts, one where record their own, and one where one can follow new people.

Meerkat and Periscope are not the first live-streaming apps by any means. But they are emerging as more people are shooting video with smartphones and sharing their experiences on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and a slew of other platforms. From news broadcasts to travel adventures and birthday parties and weddings shown to far-away relatives, the possibilities are all there.

For companies, there’s major potential for advertising and a way for brands to connect directly with customers.