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Argos – iBeacon Event

The Challenge

The team at Pocket App was tasked by Argos, one of UKs leading retailers to develop and design an application which could be used to communicate the companys brand values to their staff and partners.

The app was to feature cutting edge technological solutions, promoting user engagement and ease of communication.


Our Approach

Using the newly launched iBeacons technology, we developed an app which promoted the core values of Argos. Utilising iBeacons, users can unlock additional content throughout the app based on their location at an event. Users have the ability to unlock the 4 core values of Argos, which are related to the company’s brand image and link out to success stories. Once unlocked, users can access a wealth of digital content, including images, videos and supporting text

Successfully launched at senior management team conference, with repeat usage planned across the Argos group at future internal events.

The beacons worked brilliantly and everyone was really pleased to have the chance to interact with them. Huge thanks to your team for putting this together so quickly.

Argos, Home Retail Group PLC