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Conservative Party – Conference Platform

The Challenge

Pocket App were tasked to create a bespoke app for the Conservative parties’ main conference in 2019 in order to digitise the conference handbook and event listings.

The existing handbook had been in place for many years and was very data heavy. Applications had been attempted for previous conferences but normally off the shelf and not a bespoke build. The application would need to be cost effective to allow for re-use year on year at this event and also potentially smaller off-shoot events.

Some of the main challenges for users and visitors to the event was knowing what was on and where in this very expansive conference the event was held. With the benefit of this being a bespoke build, it was key to have a series of workshops in order to obtain all of the nuanced requirements for the platform that would have been overlooked previously with off the shelf solutions. The event has both newcomers as well and long time supporters, with varying interests across the political spectrum, so creating a contextual and personalised experience for these different persons would help create a truly “custom” experience.


Our Approach

We collaboratively compiled all requirements and discussed key functionality that would engage the users to download the application and plan their time at conference accordingly, ensuring that they get the most out of their conference experience.

To ensure the users had full visibility of the various events happening during the conference, we listed all main agenda and fringe items in the application which allowed attendees to search for an event of their interest, gain details on speakers associated with that event and provide a solution for users to find their way around the conference by using interactive mapping.

The cross platform application built on React Native, with our own bespoke middleware layer integrated the existing systems used for registering and maintaining the existing web platform. This allowed for a single source to be integrated via API’s avoiding duplication of data entry and adding the additional app specific functionality to the data without impacting the original system.

One of the most successful features of the app was the Live QA – the audience were highly engaged with the ability to interact with the panel for the live events. Asking questions to the panelist, via and on stage iPad with the ability for audiences members to upvote questions, giving a platform to visitors normally to shy to get a hold of the microphone.

Pocket App are continuing to work with the conservative party in order to improve the app for future events, including main conference and various other events throughout the year.