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Glide – Parking Payment

The Challenge

The glide parking payment application needed to be quick, easy to use and still contain a various forms of ticket types, durations and vehicles. The existing web solution was deployed at various locations but only had to cater for the needs of that particular venue. The application would need to be able to flex in order to adapt depending on the requirements of each venue and parking offering.

Glide parking were also keen to integrate MasterPass – the payment solution by MasterCard in order to take payment for parking. So all payment within the application will revolve around the integration of the same.


Our Approach

The team at Pocket App developed a purely native application for both iOS and Android Phones. THe entire payment solution utilises the integration with MasterPass, including their quick checkout feature which avoids the user needing to sign up multiple times.

Users are able to park and leave without needing anything else other than the Glide Parking application. This includes pre-booking slots, particularly for events at venues along with season tickets for commuters and long-term parkers. The applications allows for the storage of multiple cars which the user is able to quickly jump between. The application can function both in a guest mode with the ability to sign in to gain access to the additional useful functionality.