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Mizuho – UK Employee App

The Challenge

Mizuho approached us to aid in internal employee engagement. They were previously using a legacy intranet system which had become cumbersome to use and maintain.

The platform allows them direct contact with their employee base and allow access to content in a more visual and interactive presentation. This included the creation of a desk locator for their entire UK staff.


Our Approach

After a series of workshops with the wider team, we were able to plan, design and develop native applications which would add value to the UK office and create an experience staff would want to use. A single aggregated view for all internal communication was the core purpose of the application but the additional functionality creates a sticky usage for the staff members.

Connecting to their existing Active Directory system, the application is able to have a fully searchable database of staff members. This also enabled the most unique piece of functionality with the app, as Mizuho UK office is a hot-desking environment; finding particular members of staff can be difficult. The applications allows for pin pointing of a member of staff when they log into their laptop at any desk location.