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Pomanda – Fintech Platform

The Challenge

Currently accurate business valuations are carried out by a select few within the Investor and Advisory sectors.  It is a time consuming process and there is limited opportunities for SME’s to gain access to accurate information in an efficient way both in terms of time and money.  Equally purchasers and advisors can find it difficult to gain access to business owners who are looking to sell, thereby having a spend time and effort on their marketing / search activities.

The industry has been operating in a similar way for many years.  Pomanda changes the game for the sector.


Our Approach

The decision was taken to design the application first and foremost for web (rather than mobile or tablet) use – currently believed to be the most likely platform for this activity.

It was clear from the initial high level design that the application would be considerable in scale and complexity.  Therefore major considerations for the development were that the software would be:

Straightforward to develop & understand.
Best in class software framework.
Using commonly available ‘standard’ tools
Available across all major web browsers.
A frontend / backend which offers good dataflow.


The front-end application was developed using an Angular Framework targeting all major browsers. The Back end was developed in PHP 7 using the Laravel 5 Framework. The code outputs a complex Content Management System (CMS) and many API’s. Restful API’s are powered by PHP and MySQL, developed using Laravel 5 (PHP Framework). Pomanda currently host the solution on AWS.

Pomanda’s approach is to provide a platform for CEO, Investors and Advisors where individuals can create a company’s valuation driven from Company house data alongside Pomanda’s unique Algorithm.   The valuation can be adjusted based upon a series of options and projections available the user offered by the platform.

As a business owner individuals can setup a Deal for Sale / Purchase and Pomanda will enable a confidential match making between the business owner and Investors/Advisors based upon their preference.

Working alongside Pocket App has enabled us to convert our concept into reality. They have invested the time to understand our specific requirements and have worked diligently and efficiently to design and develop this unique service. We are already attracting significant interest from a wider range of users in this ground-breaking application.

CEO, Pomanda