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Powwownow – Conference Calling

The Challenge

Powwownow had both an iPhone and Android app. These applications were developed for 2011 for iPhone 3.0 and Android 3.0. As such, PWN was looking to replace these apps with an updated lite version for UK, French and German customers.

At the forefront of hi project is ease of use. The user experience must enable user, whether a new or existing customer, to quickly and effortlessly; login, reference their PIN, schedule calls, invite attendees and join calls.

The aim is to increase customer satisfaction and thus retention and to attract new customers to the service.

Pow Wow Now

Our Approach

The team at Pocket App developed a unique experience for both types of users of their platform, both Free and Premium. Utilising the latest OS user elements and functionality, the application vastly enhanced the customer experience by bringing the interface up to modern standards. Adhering to the latest guidelines for iOS and Google Material Design, the interface as completely overhauled.

The complicated functionality, with multiple call types, numbers, pins and set up methods were explained with a much needed detailed set of tutorials. A combination of tutorials, first time tunneled overlays and tool tips, held the hands of the user and help to educate them of the features available to them within the platform.