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The Waiting Game – Staff App

The Challenge

The Waiting Game is a company based in Bristol that provides temporary staff for the event industry. From bar servicing, high-end table waiting or stewarding for sporting events, they have the perfect people for the job. The staff must demonstrate impeccable skills and attitude and for this, would receive full in-house training.

The Waiting Game’s staff population is predominantly composed of students with sporadic schedules who require quick methods of applying to new jobs as and when they are available. To cater to this population, The Waiting Game endeavoured to create a flexible and easy to use mobile application. Their main objectives for the application was to advertise any upcoming events, to monitor staff shifts and work patterns, and to automatically update staff’s payroll and any other relevant paperwork via the system.


Our Approach

After a thorough and collaborative design phase, Pocket App created an intuitive mobile app coupled with a powerful and comprehensive backend.

After a swift on-boarding process where users can verify their identity and set their preferences in terms of working locations, availability and types of job, a list of recommended jobs is immediately presented. Users can also browse and filter the entire list of opportunities and favourite clients following a successful shift with them. Prior to the job, users are regularly notified via the app so The Waiting Game can ensure they have all the information required and have checked in on the day of the shift. The checkout process is equally as simple with the ability for clients to sign off timesheets directly on the app.

On the backend side, The Waiting Game can review users’ activity at a glance from the Dashboard. New applications, dropouts or upcoming shifts that are not fully staffed yet are highlighted to never miss any important information. Approving applications, duplicating recurrent shifts can be done with a few clicks saving a huge amount of time for the admin staff.

In a competitive market where staff have access to a multitude of job offers, ensuring their loyalty is key. By offering them a state-of-the-art mobile platform, The Waiting Game is one step ahead of the competition.