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Apps World Q&A

, , 18 October 2016

Can you tell me about yourself and your position within the company? My name is Paul Swaddle and I am Chairman at Pocket App, the UKs largest independent app developer. In terms of my background, I’ve been working at the leading edge of mobile technology…


How enterprises can optimise mobile apps for millennials

I read a quite staggering statistic recently which articulated that 91% of UK millennials now own a smartphone, making my generation one of the premier segments of smartphone owners in the country.…


Pocket App at Apps World 2016 – Join us and win a drone!

, , 17 October 2016

Pocket App is pleased to announce that we will be in attendance at Apps World 2016. Now in its 7th year, Apps World has grown to be the leading global multi-platform event…


Deal me in: Voice enabled betting is already here

Earlier this year, both Unibet and Betfred launched their new speech enabled sports betting App. Both apps enable gamblers to place speech controlled bets on football matches, horse racing, and a variety…

Supply chains

Mobilising the logistics supply chain

, , 21 September 2016

Regardless of the sector, be it banking, insurance, retail or utilities, the whole world seems to be adopting a digital or mobile-first strategy at breakneck speed and the logistics industry is no…