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Great coverage for cab:app in taxi’s battle

4 December 2015

Invented by a London taxi driver, cab:app is the only mobile booking and payment app which connects passengers in over 90 cities with black cabs across the UK and licensed taxis in Ireland. Cab:app operates a unique loyalty/rewards business model where taxi drivers are co-owners…

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Pocket App launches a new ‘Breast Awareness’ Mobile app

26 November 2015

Pocket App, the UK’s largest independent app developer, is proud to announce the launch of a new ‘Breast Awareness’ mobile app. Available  on iOS and Android, the app has been designed as…


Pocket App’s CEO talks about how Tragedy opens up questions around communication apps and in-game messaging

25 November 2015

In the recent attrocities in Paris which saw 129 people killed in seven coordinated terrorist attacks has brought keen notice about lack of security surrounding communication apps and in-game messaging into public…


Pocket App CEO’s tips to avoid throwaway apps featured in Information Age

Pocket App CEO Paul Swaddle talks about how apps are considered as throwaway accessories after one use. Recent research conducted by web hosting company, which surveyed 1,000 UK mobile users, found…


Top 10 apps for car owners

, 3 September 2015

Mobile technology is changing the way we approach all aspects of our lives, including our vehicles. Today's apps have the ability to streamline and simplify much of what we do in our…