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A new app for UK 2015 General Election

, 28 April 2015

An education technology company has teamed up with Newcastle University to develop an iPad app aimed at engaging 11-14 year olds with the General Election. Reflective Thinking’s free app is called Digital Mysteries: UK Election 2015 and aims to show young people how politics is…

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An app for smartphone solutions for the disabled

, 24 April 2015

Samsung Electronics has come up with a new application called DOWELL which allows those users to control their smartphones with existing assistive computer devices. The app is designed to assist people, who…

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React Native: Bringing modern web techniques to mobile

Facebook just open-sourced its React Native framework for building mobile apps. React Native promises to let developers write JavaScript while still delivering a real native user interface. It’s widely accepted that native…

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Amazon shuts down ‘Testdrive’

, 21 April 2015

Amazon, the biggest internet-based retailer within the United States, eliminates its Test Drive function which permits users to get a real-time preview of an application out there in Amazon Appstore earlier than purchasing…

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Apple opens Research Kit to app developers and medical researchers

, 17 April 2015

Apple announced ResearchKit at its special event in March, as an open framework that could be employed by scientists and medical research to gather data for studies. It has now opened ResearchKit up…