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How Real Time Communication can help sales enablement

Enterprise apps are now big business and the reason for this success lies in utility and cost effectiveness. It is relatively easy for enterprise IT now to roll out highly specialised and even throw-away apps intended for a particular event or situation. These specialised apps…

w zg dnl rami al zayat

What apps can do for you

Regardless of vertical market, be it healthcare, logistics, finance, gambling or retail, progressive organisations are digitising both internal and external processes, maximising the use of enterprise applications to help streamline their processes.…


Is the recruitment sector really maximising enterprise applications?

, 28 February 2017

Enterprise apps are causing a seismic shift in business. Regardless of the industry, be it healthcare or logistics, finance or education, through an increase in worker productivity, optimisation of business process efficiency…

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Push Me, Pull Me, Nudge Me- Mobile Devices and Behavioural Biases

, 15 February 2017

Technology surrounds us and we live in an era that is constantly online, but what does the mean for us? Technology and channels will continually be changing, but at the end of…


The changing (inter)face of gambling apps post Tinder

, 14 February 2017

Last month, London based gambling app developers Bookee launched a new gambling app. Taking inspiration from Tinder’s swipe interface to create a unique swipe-to-bet app. Designed to make betting personal and social…