To get the best results from apps, businesses must do rigorous testing before launch

29 September 2015

Businesses from all industry areas are not making the most of the wealth of benefits offered by building and maintaining useful and functional mobile applications. This is despite an overwhelming majority of businesses say that the use of apps was ‘integral’ to their operations. Accenture’s…


Pocket App CEO’s tips to avoid throwaway apps featured in Information Age

Pocket App CEO Paul Swaddle talks about how apps are considered as throwaway accessories after one use. Recent research conducted by web hosting company, which surveyed 1,000 UK mobile users, found…


Developers should watch out for App frauds

, 26 August 2015

With the enormous uptake of mobile apps a new channel for online fraud has emerged. Unauthorised Mobile Apps impersonating a brand entice users to download and install them on their mobile devices.…

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Pocket App CEO’s discussion on customer experience featured in TechWeek Europe

Pocket App is proud to announce that our CEO Paul Swaddle's article was featured in TechWeek Europe where he touched upon the burning topic of customer experience - A must for Mobile…


The decline of Facebook

, 14 August 2015

Facebook is the world’s biggest social network and will probably continue to be for some time. But the way Facebook is used is changing: gradually, it’s becoming a far more passive hub…