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Mobile web market to triple in size by 2018

The revenue from mobile internet is expected to increase massively over the next few years. Mobile phones and mobile networks will be growing 10 percent and five percent per year, respectively, by 2018, but mobile web services will continue to grow like crazy. The money…

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React Native: Bringing modern web techniques to mobile

Facebook just open-sourced its React Native framework for building mobile apps. React Native promises to let developers write JavaScript while still delivering a real native user interface. It’s widely accepted that native…

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IBM builds ‘Space apps’ for NASA

, 10 April 2015

The NASA International Space Apps Challenge is at the forefront of innovation, providing real-world examples of how technology can be used to by the best and brightest developers in the world to…

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Interview with Pocket App Director: Future of Apple iWatch

Pocket App Strategy Director Andrew Hull shared his thoughts on the wearable tech and what future holds for mobile health in an interview that was covered in Strategy Eye & Global Banking…


The Rise of Wearable Technology

, 20 March 2015

Mobile phones, particularly smartphones and other mobile computing devices, are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, which enhances the potential to assess and improve health. It offers opportunities to address one of the most pressing…