Industry Insights- Progressive Reduction & Experience Decay

13 February 2014

Last year, Flat Design has prompted design principles to be simpler and cleaner, and generally encouraged a reduction of design. Continuing with this design Era, new UI and UX methods have been appearing to make the most of this design trend. One of the newer…


Industry Insights- The Opportunities For Health-Focused Mobile Apps

30 January 2014

In our second industry insight report we will be looking into the current state of mobile health and the vast opportunities it brings. mHealth is one of the fastest growing areas in…


Industry Insights – iBeacons

11 December 2013

Introducing our inaugural industry insight report! Once a month we will be giving our insight in to the latest mobile technology and industry trends.  We shall begin with a look in to…

geek night

Reading Geek Night

I will be speaking at Reading Geek Night on 12 April where I will be presenting A Brief History of Mobile, from horse drawn phones to the killer applications of today. This is a workshop…