Evolution of Mobile Advertising

9 June 2014

It was only in 1996 that the first mobile phone with internet access was available on the market. Even though the mobile phone actually began in April 1973 by Martin Cooper, a senior engineer at Motorola. He made the worlds first telephone call to a…

Mobile W

The Mobile Web will it replace Desktop use?

12 May 2014

The Mobile Web will replace Desktop use? Our daily Internet consumption moves away from the desktop/ laptop and is now more focused onto a smartphone. The infographic below gives insight to how…

The Rise of Mobile Gaming

30 April 2014

On average 7.8 hours are spent on mobile gaming per month. Mobile platforms are taking over the world, and nothing gets more downloads or makes more money on iOS and Android than…


Microsoft shows its rebellious side in Nokia Promo Video

28 April 2014

Microsoft recently completed its $7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia services and devices. Now it has released a new Nokia promo video called Not Like Everybody Else. (See video below) The obvious bright…

fb eats healthy app

Facebook buys Fitness app firm

25 April 2014

A fitness tracking app is the new addition to Facebook’s ever-increasing portfolio of purchases. Helsinki-based ProtoGeo created the Moves app, reached 4m downloads on iPhone and Android. The activity-tracking app uses location…