Design trends in 2022 -What we think you should look out for.

, , 13 April 2022

Mobile UI design trends are always changing every year with new technologies and new approaches on design. The growth of mobile applications has increased, with many designers keeping up with the newest trends on the market. With many different types of articles, stating a variety…


Apps helping this ‘Covid Christmas’

, , 16 December 2020

With the holiday season fast approaching and a somewhat challenging Christmas just around the corner, there are a host of festive apps you can download to keep everyone entertained this year and…


4 Stages of App Development: Part 4, Support & Maintenance

Having completed each of the stages outlined so far in this guide, you should now have a live app which your target audience has started using. At this point you will move…


Web app vs hybrid app vs native app

Everyone has a mobile, some more than one. There is no doubt that the mobile phone has made things easier for everyone. From shopping to banking, all can be done with the…


4 Stages of App Development: Part 3, Development

Once you have completed the design stage (which we featured previously here) and you’ve got the full set of user journeys and design prototype, now it's time to build it! What do…