The Rise of Wearable Technology

, 20 March 2015

Mobile phones, particularly smartphones and other mobile computing devices, are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, which enhances the potential to assess and improve health. It offers opportunities to address one of the most pressing global challenges: making healthcare more accessible, faster, better and cheaper. mHealth is not…

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Send money through Facebook messenger app

, 19 March 2015

The Facebook Messenger app on iOS and Android has introduced a payments system, allowing users to transfer money to friends on the network. The Silicon Valley company will compete with payments providers…

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Apple’s New ResearchKit – to advance medical healthcare

18 March 2015

As a part of a major effort to help researchers learn more about various diseases like Parkinson's and diabetes, Apple announced vision for collecting data from patients via iPhone. ResearchKit, which is…

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Banking Apps are using Touch ID

, 16 March 2015

The banking industry is starting to embrace the next generation of application technology. Biometric technology such as fingerprint recognition not only facilitates a faster service in our on-demand culture, but it also…

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Apples shiny new MacBook

12 March 2015

Apple's new MacBook is amazingly thin and light, it's beautifully designed and it brings several interesting new technological solutions, including a thinner keyboard and the thinnest Retina display ever. It’s all about style…