Mobile Web usage soars

24 February 2015

It has taken considerable time for businesses and brands to embrace the potential of the Internet. Today, most recognize the Internet as a vital foundation for everything from operations to marketing and sales to logistics, CRM, and customer service. The time has come to seriously…

B youtube

Kid-Friendly YouTube App

20 February 2015

One of biggest fears that parents of young children have while they on mobile and tablet devices is they may be exposed to material that may be mature in nature. In fact,…

sony A

Sony aims to outdo Google Glass with Smart Eyeglass

19 February 2015

Japanese electronic giant, Sony, has decided to enter the smart eyeglass technology segment. The company has started taking orders for manufacturing SmartEyeglass Internet-linked eye wear. The company has taken a smart move…


Samsung to team up with Microsoft for S6

19 February 2015

Samsung's new software platform, TouchWiz, will be unveiled in March. Samsung will remove many of its own programs in the upcoming version of its TouchWiz user interface; it will likewise be removing…

A applelock

iPhone Theft Drops Thanks to Apple Kill Switch

12 February 2015

One of the most frequently requested smartphone security features finally came to the iPhone last year, and it’s already having a major impact. iOS Activation Lock is a swift move by Apple…