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Android L phones will shut out NSA for increased privacy

, 25 September 2014

Just days after Apple added encryption by default to iOS 8; Google has announced its next-generation Android software will equally prevent law enforcement officers and governments getting their hands on user information. As with Apple’s security tool, only people with passwords or passcodes for devices…

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Google’s next version of Android ‘L’ has a new look

, 16 September 2014

Google’s next version of Android ‘L’ release has a new look, deeper ties to the web. Yet to have a name , Android L potentially to be called as ‘Lollipop’; it is…


New Apple iPhone 6 and Watch

, 10 September 2014

Apple Debuts two new iPhones and a Watch Seems like only yesterday that Apple released its iPhone 5S and 5C at a packed-out event in the company's Cupertino headquarters - and here…

Mobile technology changing world travel

7 May 2014

A holiday is the perfect excuse to get away from the overbearing presence of mobile devices. Although the digital distance comes with slight irony – many people use their smartphones to book…

Google Contacts


16 April 2014

A recent patent filing reveals that Google would want to implement cameras into their smart contact lenses. It will allow the user wearing the contact lens to take pictures of something by…