Child Using Phone

57% of children’s apps shown to break rules over data collection in the US

, , 16 April 2018

Recent research that a shocking numbers of apps in the Google Play Store may be collecting more data than they are legally allowed from apps aimed at children.   The study showed that of 5,855 apps, 57% were found to be potentially breaking the rules…


80% of time spent on mobile apps

, , 13 March 2018

The latest research shows apps are responsible for more than 80% of the time spent using mobile devices, with some countries reaching 95%. The enlightening data comes from ComScore’s new Global Digital Future…

mobile security

5 Ways to Ensure Your App Is Secure

27 February 2018

For enterprises, digital security is still a major concern with a variety of attacks designed to cost businesses millions of pounds and break trust with the customers. Security is not something needed…


Discovering the Focus of Enterprise App Design

, 23 February 2018

A crucial part of any app development is the design. Without this, an app is just a bunch of code with no context. Using design, we not only get the visuals of…

Make business apps

How to Improve Enterprise App Development

22 January 2018

Mobile phones are quickly becoming the go-to device for many businesses with Android OS currently holding the largest market share in its field for enterprises, just ahead of Windows Desktop. Despite this,…