Time to Celebrate Client Success

, 13 November 2018

We are thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted for both the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards and the UK App Awards! Our Sky Engineer's App has been considered for Most Effective B2B App in the EMMA's and B2B/Business App of the Year in the…

How to balance user objectives with business goals

, 1 November 2018

In the development process of any app, you have two stakeholders. You have the one which is present – the app owner – and the one who isn’t – the eventual users.…

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How mobile can help HR in the workplace

, , 27 October 2017

Today’s ‘typical’ workforce has changed drastically. Once deskbound, it is now common that employees work remotely or are part of a ‘hot—desking’ community. But even this once ‘new’ concept is fast becoming…



21 April 2017

Webit Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria kicks off on the 25th April. With over five thousand attendees from Fortune 500 companies and two hundred global thought leaders among the speakers. The Webit festival…

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How mobile is changing HR in enterprises

20 April 2017

I think it is needless to say that in the last decade, workplace outlooks and behaviours have changed drastically.  The typical workforce is far less deskbound than previously, with many employees now…