Cities take on App development

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We all know that apps are a daily part of our lives. People are starting to spend more time using apps than they do watching TV.

We wake up in our home in a city, walk in a city, bike in a city, commute to work or school in a city, frequent local businesses for lunch in a city, and go out in the evenings in a city. All along the way local governments have a key role to play in how people experience cities. Technology is rapidly changing the city experience, disrupting, augmenting, and generally improving everyday life. Aside from the obvious consumer-facing applications (Foursquare, Yelp, Uber, etc.) municipalities are increasingly seeking to reach residents “where they are” technologically.

It’s less expensive for the city to have citizens interact through their mobile phones — just as mobile banking is less expensive than the operation of bank branches. City leaders nationwide want to create great places in which residents can live, work and play – technology can elevate and expand these cities, with apps being a premier vehicle in which to do this.There are many apps like for parking or paying taxes. However the main areas that need to be focused on are healthcare, public welfare, public safety and pollution control monitoring.

It creates platforms for developers to create innovative apps to develop smart cities.