Dropbox Launches Datastore

dropboxDropbox recently unveiled their new platform at the company’s first ever DBX developer conference. The company presented two innovative and powerful APIs developed for the purpose of syncing and viewing application data.

The Datastore API facilitates saving of any structured data or metadata for applications. It allows developers to protect their users’ data even when they make any offline changes. This syncing API, provides developers with the ability to store users contacts, to-do items and other app specific data across various devices and platforms.

The integration of the Datastore API will also allow users to shift their gameplay or work to another device and pick up in the same spot, as long as it maintains connection. The API is available for iOS, Android and JavaScript. The company also unveiled a new Drop-in tool – which allows developers to pull down files from their users’ Dropbox accounts and display the relevant data within applications.

With the release of the Datastore API, we at Pocket App can now integrate this cutting edge solution within your applications to make them more dynamic, user friendly and cost effective. The talented team of developers at Pocket App will make sure that all the features provided by Datastore API are used to its full potential. To find out more please write to us on info@pocketapp.co.uk