Google Contacts

A recent patent filing reveals that Google would want to implement cameras into their smart contact lenses. It will allow the user wearing the contact lens to take pictures of something by simply looking at it. It can use multiple cameras and help scan raw image data of oncoming obstacles like a crosswalk and send in audio alert to the user if they’re someone with impaired vision.

Furthermore, these contact lenses would be built with the ability to measure blood glucose levels in the tears diabetic patients to provide non-invasive, constant feedback to both wearer and potentially their doctor. This new system could be very beneficial to the medical community. It could be useful as a vision augmentation for people with different types of ocular health problems.

Many global firms have been looking to expand in the wearable technology sector and particularly focusing on the healthcare. Google’s contact lens is a patent application and not real yet. Taking into consideration that a person has never worn contacts before, inserting something foreign into their eye would take a while to get use to. Although if this assistive device were to become available, it could be the future of next generation technology in medical care.