Google’s next version of Android ‘L’ has a new look

android L

Google’s next version of Android ‘L’ release has a new look, deeper ties to the web.

Yet to have a name , Android L potentially to be called as ‘Lollipop’; it is set to be the biggest design change android has made since the beginning and the design approach is called ‘Material Design’. Sticking to the current trend of flat design, bright colors and Clean UI, improving the user experience.

If the only new thing was the facelift, it wouldn’t be all that exciting.  There are plenty of new features like notifications accessible directly from the lock screen; original 2D list has been replaced by the new 3D style.

Android auto is an exciting feature making the device compatible with the car. The performance of Android L is twice of that of Kitkat.

Great overall user experience; Complete redesign that looks great and has been seen as a step in the right direction bringing many different Android devices together seamlessly.