IBM builds ‘Space apps’ for NASA

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The NASA International Space Apps Challenge is at the forefront of innovation, providing real-world examples of how technology can be used to by the best and brightest developers in the world to solve some of the most daunting challenges facing our civilization.
IBM and NASA are collaborating on a global code-a-thon where developers will be tasked with building solutions that bolster space exploration missions and help to improve life on Earth. IBM announced that it will provide its Bluemix platform for the NASA Virtual Event to help developers rapidly build applications that contribute to space exploration and solve global challenges.
The goal is to get developers building applications that can be used to solve space exploration-related challenges using cloud-based services and publicly available data sets. Some initial applications include a system that uses data aggregators and analytics to help NASA tracks asteroids, and an app that uses senor data streams to guide movement for robots. Using the IBM Cloud, IBM is making it easier for developers to solve NASA challenges by helping them leverage and make sense of data in ways that wouldn’t have been possible even just a few years ago.

This is an attempt to take a futuristic approch to app development and future technology and devices.