Interview with Pocket App Director: Future of Apple iWatch

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Pocket App Strategy Director Andrew Hull shared his thoughts on the wearable tech and what future holds for mobile health in an interview that was covered in Strategy Eye & Global Banking and Finance Review.

Pocket App is a B2B app development company having more than a decade of experience developing apps for various industries including the health sector. With the launch of Apple watch it is said to increase the consumer adoption of wearable tech. Mobile health has become a new dimension with wearable tech.

He also talks about key trends in the consumer digital health, giving an example “ It could be quite possible in the future that I get a phone call from my doctor asking me to come in for an appointment because it looks like I’m about to get flu because that data has been relayed and alerted a health professional.”

With Apples ResearchKit it would be easier to carry out clinical trials by connecting to the masses easily.  It would be interesting to see more innovative wearables in the future.

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