iOS pays out the most in ads

Opera Software’s State of Mobile Advertising report mined info from a global network of over 35 billion ad impressions, which delivered more than $400 million to mobile publishers in 2012 and came to a few surprising conclusions.

The key findings of the report are:

* The average eCPM on iPhone is £1.82 ($2.85), followed by Android at £1.34 ($2.10); Windows Phone is last at £13p ($0.20) eCPM
* Performance varies significantly over very short periods of time, so publishers and advertisers should use multiple networks
* Business & Finance is the top revenue category

The report also showed that, within the ad space, rich media drives better customer engagement. And its Rich Media Index drills down into which rich elements users spend most time with. It found 66 per cent of users that click through to a video will complete that interaction, with an average dwell time of 52 seconds, while photo-taking dwell time is 1 min 25 secs), and about half of consumers will continue to interact with the ad post-click.

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