Kindle Fire to light up Christmas?

amazon kindle fire tablet

Christmas is well and truly on its way.  So what will be hot this Christmas? Well Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet is expected to ship close to 4 million units in the fourth quarter of 2011 to become the second biggest-selling tablet computer.  This would give Amazon close to 14% market share of global tablet shipments from a standing start. This would still trail the iPad’s 65.6% but considerably ahead of third placer Samsung’s 4.8%.

It is the very attractive pricing of the Kindle Fire compared to other tablets that will play a role in the expanding sales of non-Apple tablets generally. However, most other Android tablet makers must earn a profit based on hardware sales alone, whereas Amazon plans to use the Kindle Fire to drive sales of physical and digital goods.  As long as this strategy is successful, the company can afford to take a loss on the hardware—while its Android competitors cannot.

The team at Pocket App have already started work looking at client solutions for the Kindle Fire, so if you would like to look at porting your iOS or full Android apps to the Fire, please speak to your Account Manager, or drop us an email.