Microsoft shows its rebellious side in Nokia Promo Video


Microsoft recently completed its $7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia services and devices. Now it has released a new Nokia promo video called Not Like Everybody Else. (See video below)

The obvious bright colours spotted on the street in the promo video represent the signature bright colours of Nokia’s generally matte-finish smartphone and tablet devices. Windows Phone is still behind the large success of iOS and Android, however slowly but surely it has been growing in recent years.

The Microsoft corporate vice president, Tom Gibbons responsible for the Nokia integration has said the advantages will bring greater intimacy between the two entities.

“Customers should see a bunch of great end-to-end experiences that really empower them to have very enjoyable, very comprehensive solutions to things that they want to get done, whether you’re talking about smartphones or feature phones,” Gibbons added. “The feature phone product family coming to Microsoft will start to have more of the Microsoft services shipped on those phones right out of the gate.”

It will be interesting to see how Nokia will change and evolve under Microsoft ownership. The introductory ad gives the impression they aim to stand out from the crowd.