Mobile Application Economy To Double In Four Years

mobile economyA recent study on the world of mobile applications claimed that the ‘Application Economy’ is set to double in the next 4 years. Revenue from mobile applications will reach $72 billion in 2013, which will increase to $151 billion by 2017. The following graphs give a more in-depth look into various factors which will play a key role in the growth of mobile applications in the coming years.

Appnation chart 1

The rate of growth will be led by commerce-based applications which by 2015 will account for more than 50% of the total revenue generated by mobile apps, followed by revenue from paid apps followed by in-app advertising. The growth seen over the years in enterprise applications supports the fact that most companies are considering  developing a mobile application for the services/product they provide.

Appnation chart 2

According to the report, 60% of device owners will get to know about new applications by word of mouth, with app store reviews, download ranks and other features provided by the app store resulting in the remaining 40%. It is interesting that even though there are so many different ways to promote specific applications, virality and word of mouth still tops the list when it comes to promotion.

Appnation chart 3

When it comes to mobile app usage its E-mails, browsers and social networking sites which lead the charge. This is why ads now run on social network apps, browsers and other sharing platforms which promote applications of various business and services. Mobile advertisement has also  grown tremendously over the past couple of years. Companies now keep an eye on all upcoming forms of promotion on mobile and make sure they use it to their utmost potential.

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