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We help businesses leverage the power of mobile to advance how both employees and customers encounter information. We develop innovative and integrated strategies, so that mobile, social media or digital can be an integral and compliant part of your marketing and communication mix. We truly understand mobile and how your audience engages with it. At Pocket App we make the best use of insight and strategy to formulate clear objectives and deliver results. We can help you with both international and national mobile strategies, supporting your in-house delivery and, supported by London based project management and design.


What does success look like and what are the metrics you are being measured on? During the planning stage we will agree the options that are most likely to deliver what you need as quickly as possible. When looking at demand generation this is usually about increasing the velocity of prospects moving through the sales funnel while minimising lost opportunities and drop out, maximising engagement and building sales readiness.


Where possible, this always works best when all the key stakeholders can be involved. Often this extends outside the marketing department and may include the board, sales, account managers and the technical support team. If you want to, we can even run a short workshop to help ensure everyone is focused on the goals and bought into the process and find that this can dramatically enhance the process and the results. We find the ‘listening’ stage always works best with a coffee in hand!


We do everything to ensure your project has maximum success. We are happy for you to measure us on this and believe that a key aspect of any project is closing the loop between consultancy and delivery. We will help facilitate your success and will report regularly against your key metrics to ensure we are always on track and delivering results.


Thanks to our extremely talented team, we can deliver any digital product you may need, from sourcing data sources, developing mobile and web solutions, creative input, content, copy, email and mobile marketing. We ensure you have access to the right tools in order to deliver the results you need.

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