Mozilla Releases First Two Firefox Operating System Smartphones

After the grand unveiling at Mobile World Conference in February this year, Mozilla has now released the first two phones which will be powered by the new Firefox OS. Mozilla has partnered with Telefonica to launch these smartphones initially in Spain, with ZTE and Alcatel responsible for the phone designs.
The phones, named ZTE Open and Alcatel One, will be fitted with all of the basic smartphone capabilities such as email, text messaging, maps, camera (3.15 and 3.2 MP respectively) etc. along with web browsing via Firefox. Both the phones have an internal memory of 512 MB & and option of adding a Micro SD card. With a $90 price point, these phones are a part of the highly competitive low-end smartphone market segment. The Firefox OS is an open-source system, which intends to compete with Android for the attention of the developers & consumers. Being developed using HTML 5, Mozilla is hoping that the Firefox OS will make it easier for third party developers to produce apps. Will Firefox make it big in the battle of the Operating Systems? Or will the big players in the market continue to dominate? Only time will tell.
Pocket App currently works on every available Operating System and has launched numerous applications across all. We have vast experience working on HTML 5 driven projects with many successfully app launches deriving from this approach. Being written in HTML 5, Firefox OS holds immense development potential, providing developers with exciting opportunities and tools.

So if you are looking to launch an application on Friefox OS or just want to know more about this brand new OS, drop us a mail on and we will get back to you.