MWC 2011 – How was it for you?

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Well Mobile World Congress 2011 was a fantastic show and probably the biggest yet with over 50,000 visitors.

There were some fabulous new devices including superfast phones and burgeoning range of tablets, android-based TVs and even 3D mobile phones.
So what does that mean for us, well as an industry we are going to be developing for an ever-increasing range of devices. The type of applications that would be applicable to an android TV, tablet, or a mobile phone will all be significantly different.

As the key to great applications is to ensure that you maximise the use of the device features; so for a TV you need to be utilising the large screen but working with the fact that viewers may be some distance from the screen. For a tablet the increased screen size means delivering higher quality visual than on a mobile screen. To deliver a great user experience you need to recognise this in your development. For the new devices in the phone market the dual core processors offer far greater speed but that adds the dilemma of how your application will perform on a slower device, and as 3-D explodes will I expect a lot of users will want their applications adapted for that 3-D environment. Here at Pocket Apps we know that your applications need to be developed with these new capabilities borne in mind.

It certainly looks like mobile development continues at a pace and we look forward to meeting clients and colleagues at Mobile World Congress 2012.