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How Outsourcing Your App Development Could Benefit Your Business

, , 27 March 2018

Thinking of developing an app for your business? There are lots of things to consider and problems to solve. That’s why outsourcing your mobile app development to a specialised company can be a lot more successful, than if you were to go in-house. Experienced and…

Enterprise App Development & The Mistakes to Avoid

How to Maximize Your Teams Productivity Through Mobile Apps

15 March 2018

Many enterprises only view mobile apps as software for consumers, but many employers forget that their employees are consumers as well. Most if not all employees will bring a smart device with…

80% of time spent on mobile apps

, , 13 March 2018

The latest research shows apps are responsible for more than 80% of the time spent using mobile devices, with some countries reaching 95%. The enlightening data comes from ComScore’s new Global Digital Future…

5 Ways to Ensure Your App Is Secure

27 February 2018

For enterprises, digital security is still a major concern with a variety of attacks designed to cost businesses millions of pounds and break trust with the customers. Security is not something needed…

Discovering the Focus of Enterprise App Design

, 23 February 2018

A crucial part of any app development is the design. Without this, an app is just a bunch of code with no context. Using design, we not only get the visuals of…