Paul Swaddle’s interview with the Six Minute Strategist

Here’s your chance to listen to Pocket App CEO Paul Swaddle’s  conversation with John Colley the author of  The Six Minute Strategist during his latest podcast. In the recent interview with John, Paul discussed the complexities and opportunities emerging in the mobile app development industry.

The Six Minute Strategist provides a wealth of helpful information to entrepreneurs, business owners and senior managers. With over 20 years of experience in corporate finance, John Colley shares his valuable knowledge and insights across the full spectrum of the Corporate Lifecycle – start ups, growth companies, companies seeking mergers and acquisitions and companies seeking to exit  the market.

Understanding that technology is driving major changes in the business environment,  John focuses his expert insights on the technology sector, covering IT Services, Telecoms, Infrastructure, Cloud, SaaS, Outsourcing, Software, Internet and Media.