Pocket App An Approved Nook Developer

Pocket App are now approved as a Barnes and Noble Nook developer and are ready to take your Android or iOS app into the exciting world of nook, and can guide you through the subtle differences of this platform.

For NOOK, what began as the most advanced and applauded eReader on the market has become the lightest and highest resolution HD tablet, delivering books, magazines, newspapers, games, apps, videos, music and more via a powerful, personalized discovery experience. NOOK’s powerful discovery engine and one-of-a-kind merchandising model present content to users based on their personal interests, unlocking the potential of thousands of high-quality apps that go underserved in other app stores.

The ability to create multiple user profiles offers an instantly personalized tablet experience to every family member, with carefully curated content recommendations, kid-appropriate environments and the broadest selection of kids apps uniquely organized by learning topics and age. Digital innovations in retail, such as our “More in Store” program, offer unique opportunities for exposure through both in-store displays and on-device promotions delivered wirelessly to shopper’s tablets.

Please contact us if you’re interested in expanding your mobile offering onto this new and exciting platform!