Pocket App CEO talks about Mobile: bridging the digital divide

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Ever since the early 90’s when personal computers first became commonplace public policy experts have worried about the ill effects of a digital divide caused by unequal access to computing resources.

Digital skills are not only vital to the maximise economic growth and job creation, shown most prominently in the Booz and Co report of 2012 which stated that a lack of online skills was costing the UK economy £63 billion in additional GDP growth, but with research showing a clear correlation between digital and social exclusion, it’s also worth noting that those already at a disadvantage and arguably with the most to gain from the internet are the ones least likely to be making use of it.

Many banks, building societies, local government services and retailers are rethinking their bricks and mortar strategies and looking to cut their internal costs and minimise their physical premises. As these organisations continue to adopt this approach the sizeable minority of people who have been digitally excluded will inevitably face both reduced access to essential services and higher personal costs.

Paul Swaddle throws a light on the fact mobile is coming in and is helping to address the issue of digital exclusion.

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