Pocket App CEO’s discussion on customer experience featured in TechWeek Europe

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Pocket App is proud to announce that our CEO Paul Swaddle’s article was featured in TechWeek Europe where he touched upon the burning topic of customer experience – A must for Mobile Marketers in 2015.

According to analysts, Gartner, 89 percent of companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience by 2016, compared with only 36 percent five years ago. This incredible jump indicates just how exponentially the importance of customer experience has grown and highlights how making customer experience count is absolutely critical to all businesses cross any vertical market.

Customer experience can make or break a brand, with consumers now elevated to a position where they are empowered to either evangelise or antagonise a brand via the proliferation of Social Media avenues available to them. A bad experience can spread like wildfire through social creating a number of negative hurdles for marketers to overcome. In fact, in order to drive customer satisfaction and impact business results, each touchpoint a customer has with an organisation must be relevant and effortless.

So, what should marketers be doing in order to create a successful customer experience and where should they be concentrating their efforts?

Read the whole article here –  http://bit.ly/1NEphJt