Pocket App On Parse

Parse recently interviewed our CEO Paul Swaddle and asked him about Pocket App’s experience of using Parse for our client’s applications.  Read the full interview here: http://bit.ly/15ReKmy

Parse is one of the most widely used third party tools for mobile app development. A successful company in its own right, Parse was recently bought by Facebook as a part of Facebook’s strategy to broaden its activities. Parse has loads of features which reduces development time since the developer can upload and test data quickly rather than having to wait for the appropriate APIs to be developed. This enables the application to become highly cost effective, which is one of the biggest advantages this tool provides to the client. Since Parse stores the database on a cloud, it can be edited without re-submissions. Also once the app is into production, the client can log into Parse and modify data themselves since the interface is very user friendly and requires very little or no technical expertise. This is different from a conventional mobile app development process where the server developer would have to make the changes himself.

Pocket App has always used new technologies and to delivered the benefits to our clients. Pocket App provides its clients with innovative mobile solutions, regardless of the platform. If you are looking at building an application utilising Parse technologies contact us on info@pocketapp.co.uk and one of our account management team will be in touch