Pocket App’s CEO talks about how Tragedy opens up questions around communication apps and in-game messaging


In the recent attrocities in Paris which saw 129 people killed in seven coordinated terrorist attacks has brought keen notice about lack of security surrounding communication apps and in-game messaging into public psyche. In the immediate aftermath saw a plethora of stories of how these activities were planned and what methods of communication was used to plan these attacks.

A big question that crosses people’s mind is that how these conversations take place without detection from intelligence agencies. Schools of thought range from mobile messaging applications like Whats-app and Telegram to in-game messaging on the worlds most popular gaming device, the PS4. It is not only communication apps under the microscope currently as also in-game messaging are also rumoured to be potential enabler in the communication of terrorist groups.

Pocket App CEO Paul Swaddle elaborates on how this recent tragedy has rekindled the age-old question of how much freedom, liberty and poverty should we give up in order to be kept safe.

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