Pocket App’s Client Services Directors take on dealing with Digital Piracy


With the rise of the smartphone, so too has there been a rise in digital piracy. While some organisations claim piracy is rampant across all platforms, design product studio Ustwo announced earlier in 2015 via Twitter that only 5% of its Monument Valley installations on Android were paid for, compared with 40% on iOS.

However, although DRM can be successful, it is also a notoriously unpopular method. Nonetheless, installing DRM does offer some protection against attempts to reverse engineer the code and acquire the developer’s intellectual property. These tools are run after the coding is finished to inject protection software that changes the code (using control flow obfuscation) and detect any attempts to change it.

Although digital piracy means a loss of sales, it can also serve as an indirect form of marketing. Piracy does not purely equate to a loss of income, as it can also impinge on the developer’s intellectual property, with some applications being downloaded and cloned.

Pocket App’s client director Milo Trzcinski recommends all clients should “introduce a level of security that is industry-standard encryption”.

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