Pocket Doctor Featured On Windows Store

PDAfter being featured as one of the top picks by Hewlett-Packard on Windows 8 store. Our immensely popular mHealth application, Pocket Doctor, got featured on UK’s Windows 8 Phone store recently. The Windows 8 platform has surely started to get a foothold in UK, where it currently holds 8.6% market share, significantly up from the 4.5% held last year. We are glad to see our application being featured on Windows 8 Phone.

An in-depth medical encyclopaedia, Pocket Doctor provides information about several health related concerns and their diagnosis. The application has features like, The Body Mass Indicator (BMI) calculator which helps the user to calculate their Body Mass index. It also comes with The ‘Doctor Q’ section which gives the user advice and suggestions about how to tackle various issues by asking a doctor relevant questions for diagnosis. Pocket Doctor is also available on the Android and iOS platforms making it one of the most widely available mHealth application.

Pocket App has years of experience in providing mHealth solutions to its clients. We have worked with major health institutions in the past, and are currently working on some exciting new projects. If you are also looking at developing a mHealth application, drop us an email to info@pocketapp.co.uk or contact your account manager.

PD on UK Store


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