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Based on previous experience building conference apps, we at Pocket App understand the complexities around deploying event driven solutions for businesses. With this in mind we decided to build a robust reskinable conference product which can be easily deployed across various events. The key focus was to deliver a user friendly solution, which would serve key content to end users, while maintaining a flexible and immediate data population structure. As branding is an integral part of conference, our product was designed to allow a degree of customisation to reinforce the client’s brand awareness.


The team at Pocket App developed an innovative platform, utilising a user friendly and fully editable content management system, allowing on the fly modifications to the app content. Ensuring any last minute changes to the speakers or agenda can be quickly updated within the app, making sure the conference attendees are always kept up to date with relevant information. Conference attendees were provided with access to key information, including an agenda, speaker descriptions, Twitter feed and a platform for individual speaker and overall conference experience feedback.


  • Available across major platforms, including iOS and Android with a Windows Phone version in planning
  • Sucessfuly launched and tested across a number of external and internal client events
  • Excellent user feedback, boasting the breath of information and usability
  • Allowed conference organizers to quickly update content on the day, following last minute cancellations

“Great conference app, it had all the information I required at the press of a button and made my hectic day at the event that much more pleasant!”


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